Tips and Infos

Bricks are bricks which are so strongly burnt that a glassy surface originates. Bricks take up no water and are very resistant. Hence, the name stirs that they have while smashing a bright sound.

By different Beischläge to the raw mass varied colour nuances can be reached. Mostly already leave in the production by application suitable brick pressing aerial canals which make the brick particularly for heat insulation suited. Bricks are burnt at 1800 degrees in contrast to 1200 degrees, with normal bricks.

Beside the application in unterhydraulic structures, bridge piers, built with mortar floodgates or shafts bricks are often used for facades. Here let themselves varied form elements aufmauern. Beside the usual brick formats architects also let special mass to the facade creation produce.

Among the rest, examples of the use are found in the office house quarter in Hamburg, the Chile house rich in form would be particularly mentioned here.

Recycling of bricks & bricks

In times of congested garbage holds and constantly rising prices particularly from building materials, recycling suggests itself formally. However, behind the concept “Recycling” a costly machinery must not stand. At the example of bricks and bricks should be made clear as simply recycling is and which use one has from it.

A method of the re-use is the use of the stone as the whole. One can use brick, as well as brick directly after the removal again. Besides, one should pay attention to the fact that the stone is well cleaned. If this is the case, the stone can be used for walls and documents. Here no limits are set to the developer, provided that the stone is intact.

Also the re-use is suitable as a Schüttmaterial for layer surfaces in gardens. This looks very nice mostly, because the colours of the brick work very well on the surroundings. However, injury danger exists here, because freshly chopped up stones often have sharp edges. The recycling of bricks and bricks repays, in any case. Should one find no use for this, one can use them at last also as a filler, so-called grit.

Based on a report by the German government , the diagram illustrates the efficiency of building with bricks .
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